“Why Gaming Helps Students Learn”

Statistic indicate that effective games positively impact students’ cognitive development. The article on “The Psychology Behind Why Gaming Helps Students Learn” explains and discusses the attributes and power of stimulus games which help students not only increase their critical thinking, but also helps them to develop the following skills: “improve perception, attention, mental rotation, task switching, speed of processing, sensitivity to inputs from the environment, resistance to distraction, and flexibility in allocation cognitive as well as perceptual resources.” Paul B Silverman also states that “game based learning” promotes effective “thinking” and helps learners to increase their “creativity.” Paul B Silverman also suggests helping “policy makers”recognize the potential benefits of integrating games into curriculum. Statistics indicate that a large population of people, both adults and children, typically“spend 13 hours a week playing games,” which means well designed learning-based games will promote students’ desire to stay focused and spend long hours studying the subject matter.  

I believe “game based learning” will also make many students’ learning experiences more meaningful because the majority of students learn best in a hands on settings or through visual stimulation. Well-designed games will keep students engaged and may help them learn challenging subjects such as science. I remember I had to take a Biology class in college to fulfill my natural science requirement, and I had a very hard time memorizing various concepts and even simply understanding the content. I hope, in the near future, science subjects will be taught to students that will integrate game based hands on learning experiences.

Sited from: https://mytechdecisions.com/mobility/game-based-learning-is-where-vygotsky-meets-dweck/

Pictures retrieved from: https://www.dontwasteyourtime.co.uk/elearning/games-for-learning-infographic/


One thought on ““Why Gaming Helps Students Learn”

  1. Game-based learning is really effective when designed well. Schools should be careful with what they’re implementing to ensure that students aren’t spending too much time learning how to play the game and spending more time learning the content.

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